fake grass

There are a number of reasons why fake grass works for Sydney lawns.

From the pure image of the product to the cost savings and the unique customisation features, these items have become mainstream in 2020.

We will outline why these surfaces have risen in demand and how they work for local residents who don’t want to deal with the ongoing problems of natural turf for their property.


Reason 1: Fresh Lawn Aesthetic

The first and most pressing reason why fake grass works for Sydney lawns comes down to the aesthetics. Just by driving or walking past the residency, these yards glisten and glow with a fresh look that is almost impossible to substitute through any other means. Outside of those high-end properties that have specialist gardeners treating the turf around the clock, there is no way to keep up with the demands of a natural lawn without being warn down and exhausted by the duties required for upkeep. If a quality picture is the target and if homeowners want to be proud of their yard, then going down the fake grass path is highly advisable.


Reason 2: No Watering Requirements

In a time of drought where water consumption is a major consideration for domestic residents, fake grass works for Sydney lawns. It becomes all the more appealing when other properties are left to take from a public resource that is already under pressure. With many neighbourhoods deciding to invest in their own sprinkler systems, these expensive exercises only add up to the amenity costs every few months, creating a scenario that could easily be avoided. Those natural patches of grass are just as susceptible to fade and dry out when the weather heats up. That cycle is sure to repeat itself each and every season, but there are others who are happy to invest in a product that breaks that predictable cycle.


Reason 3: No Mowing Requirements

The ability to put away the mower and not engage in that weekly chore is a key reason why fake grass works for Sydney lawns. There will be some users who are happy to keep the mower for other sections of their property, but they also have the power to borrow it, lease it or sell it on the open market. Riding on or pushing the mower over the same patch of grass can be a draining exercise for some residents, so the ability to save on fuel, oil and repair costs with the time saved for the chore is worth exploring.


Reason 4: Protecting Residential Safety

Depending on the time of year and the profile of the neighbourhood, constituents will decide to apply toxic sprays and pesticides to keep their turf safe. When pests and infestations emerge, this is traditionally the most effective means of returning the natural grass back to health. Fake grass works for Sydney lawns because this process does not have to be engaged, ensuring that no sprays or chemicals have to be applied to the surface. This is beneficial for households that have small children and pets on the premises, keeping them out of harm’s way and doing no unintentional damage just to have pests off site. They won’t gravitate to synthetic models.


Reason 5: Customising the Product

Fake grass works for Sydney lawns when customers get to customise and install a product that works for their environment. From profiles that are geared towards built-up areas to others that suited to larger property spaces, the client will be able to identify a colour and texture that works for their needs. These brands are often profiled according to active grounds, lush turf, life like lawns and non-directional turf with other options on the table for domestic locations. This is where fake grass works for Sydney lawns, giving a series of brands that are easily distinguishable.