wedding ring

Finding the best diamond engagement rings is an exercise in persistence, patients and being aware of industry trends.

Instead of rushing into a romantic gesture, invest some time and energy into the discovery.

Here are 7 of the best tips for men and women finding these rings.


1- Have a Shape Preference

What cut of diamond engagement rings is sought after? There is no real right or wrong answer in these examples as every individual and every couple will have a subjective opinion on this topic. The amount of creativity and innovation in this field is truly special, pointing participants to emerald, round, oval, cushion, asscher, princess, pear and marquise diamond cuts. Men and women who arrive to a jewelry outlet with a preference in mind will already be ahead of the game and can fast track their purchase rather than being caught window shopping for weeks on end.


2- Consider Carat Size

The carat size is a major factor when it comes to how much the customer wants to budget for diamond engagement rings. On average, an item in this industry will sell for approximately 2 carats with the center stone commonly be crafted for 1 carat. This will speak to the clarity and colour of the product but there are cost saving measures in place when the carat is below these thresholds. For example, a carat that is listed at 2.1 carats will commonly be priced higher than one at 1.85 carats, even though there is little difference noticeable to the naked eye.


3 – Identify a Suitable Band Metal

The material of the band is fundamental when seeking diamond engagement rings. These metals can scratch and bend if they are not developed from quality materials. Platinum brands remain at the upper echelon in this bracket, but there are more affordable solutions at hand. Jewelers will supply bands that are crafted from yellow gold, silver, rose gold and white gold, giving customers a chance to think about their lifestyle and how much they want to invest for a durable band to support the diamond ring.


4 – Think About Colour Grade

Purchasing diamond engagement rings is an exercise where shoppers would ideally like a colourless stone. In these examples, the item appears pure and of a higher value than their counterparts. Across the board these brands can be found with E and D diamond classes, rings that are valued much higher as a result. It should be noted though that the G and I colour grade range still produces much of the same aesthetic but can be acquired at a cheaper rate.


5 – Arrive With Measurements Prepared

It is one of the details that can be overlooked for an individual seeking diamond engagement rings, but the measurements for the fingers are essential. Too tight and the item will be cutting off circulation and it will be painful to wear. Too lose and the item will slip off and either be damaged or lost, a costly scenario either way. Yes it can be tricky to discover your partners ring size, but this is part of the exploration.


6 – Accredited Sellers Only

Rings of this profile have to be acquired from certified outlets in order to be protected for the purchase. Should the item prove to be fake or there are concerns about delivery, then shoppers will be left with no one to blame but themselves if the outlet is no accredited. Do some due diligence and check their accreditation before agreeing to any purchase in this industry.


7 – There is Room to Haggle Over Price

It is an unspoken rule for shoppers seeking diamond engagement rings but these items are commonly priced higher than their retail value. Such is the demand for quality in this respect, sellers are able to profit on items that have the aesthetic and emotional appeal for men and women. Don’t be afraid to negotiate at these outlets because they will still be eager to proceed with a sale.