laser cutting machine

It comes as a surprise to no one that professional manufacturing operations will utilise their own laser cutting machine.

For designers working at a local level, they might be of the opinion that these assets are too much of a burden to handle, too expensive to acquire or simply out of their scope.

These misconceptions are wide of the mark and undervalue how well a laser cutting machine can work for sole traders and specialists that need to execute their tasks to perfection.

Take stock of the benefits of this technology to see how much of a sound purchase it will be for the long-term.


Seamless Switching Between Projects

Local designers rarely have to deal with one type of material. Whether they have a professional office space, a warehouse or just a home garage to setup, there will be a need to switch gears between metals, woods, glass, ceramics, plastics and more. Fortunately, the application of a laser cutting machine caters to each one of these products. They are manufactured to meet a wide scope of cutting needs, empowering individual operators to invest in these programs as a one-size-fits-all solution. Rather than switching from one machine to the next, this is the Swiss army knife of modern cutting machines.


Protecting Operator Safety

Modern laser cutting machine utilities will be complimented by software programs that are executed at the touch of a button. Thanks to a zero contact approach, no participants will have to put themselves or their hands in harm’s way. Without the risk of contamination, the health and safety features are impossible to ignore. This is one of the major concerns for developers and designers who could suffer serious injuries just to get their work done on schedule.


Customising Energy Needs

There have been examples in the past where local designers would have considered the use of a laser cutting machine but were ultimately put off on the concept because of the energy consumption rate. In years gone by this would have been a credible excuse, but in 2020 there is far more reliability and energy efficient options that can be enjoyed. While the top outlets will produce applications that are powered up to 50kW of energy, the modest outlets can execute projects with no more than 10kW of energy at a time. This is beneficial for developers who are cautious about their utility bill and their ability to facilitate a laser-plasma on a daily basis.


Saving Time & Effort

Those designers at a local level who do not have the aid of a laser cutting machine experience a great deal of strain and anguish. Especially if they are sole contractors and have no other recourse with their work, they can be left high and dry. While engaging traditional cutting methods, there is every chance of making errors, suffering injury or just being overwhelmed by the whole scenario. Users who have these outlets available and on hand will see their project expedited and completed well ahead of schedule. Without being bogged down with arduous activities, this is an alternative that saves hours in the day and the need to experience back-breaking labour.


Getting a Precise 10/10 Cutting Experience

When it is all said and done as local designers search the market for options, they want results. This is true for their clientele and their own reputation in the community. The use of a quality laser cutting machine is measured within a margin of error of 0.0005 inches, offering a precise cutting experience that is invisible to the naked eye. That precision is the key selling point for constituents that need to hit the mark with their cut, crafting intricate shapes and even molding separate parts together where required.