The easiest way to comprehend the job of an arborist in Sydney is to think about them as basically being the physicians of the tree world, in fact they’re often called tree surgeons or tree doctors. Many people think they’re job is just cut tree down but in fact arborists in Sydney do much, much more and should be  your go-to for expertise and knowledge on anything tree related or any issues that arise with trees in your yard or that might affect your home.


How does someone become a tree arborist in Sydney?

Like any specialised profession, becoming qualified requires having the right training and certifications. Tree doctors require many years of training to become certified in working with trees, in Australia a degree is not required and students may enroll in a Horticulture or Arboriculture traineeship but a horticultural degree can help people to further their career. They may also undertake other training to further specialise in their field of study. Those who have become qualified overseas must have a minimum of 3 years of work experience. In addition to the educational requirements that people must complete to work as an arborist in Sydney, people must also have a great deal of experience working with trees and correctly diagnosing and fixing issues to become successful in the field.

They often focus on diagnosing and solving issues with trees and are often tasked with helping with plant growth, or fixing disease and nutritional issues.

They will sometimes be required to perform laboratory testing to examine issues and diseases.

Beyond just simply diagnosing issues, tree doctors are also directly involved with the upkeep of trees and are tasked with the cutting, trimming, and pruning of live trees. They often need a lot of experience and equipment to properly scale and cut trees, most of this equipment is high risk so the proper training is essential.

When looking for an arborist in Sydney it’s worth keeping in mind that there are two distinct groups which can basically be split up as the ‘linies’ which manage how the trees intercat with infrastructure like power lines and ones who focus on improving the beauty and health of the trees.


Arborist Sydney services

arborist in Sydney while working

A basic break down of the services you might seek a tree doctor out for would include;

Consulting and Advice

Most homeowners aren’t experts in trees and will need proper guidance and advice on issues relating to trees. You might for example want to know what type of tree to plant, how to diagnose and treat diseases, what hazards or risks you might face and what permissions you might need for your trees if you’re planning on planting them or cutting them down. You may also want to know about tree felling and removal. There are instances when a tree will need to be cut down and removed but this can be complicated and even dangerous, so it’s always a good idea to get a professional opinion on the matter. You likely will also want to ask the advice of an arborist in Sydney on how to properly prune or maintain your trees, as well as asking them about managing and removing palm prongs and how to properly remove palm prongs from your yard. In cases of an emergency where a tree has fallen you should call one straight away, trees sometimes fall onto homes, vehicles or power lines and can cause extremely dangerous or hazardous situations. Get the proper advice of an expert, there are 24 hour lines available for emergency situations.